building hope: slade adventure playground 


BA Design Y2 project: Live Brief - Building Hope

This project revisits the system of ‘junk playgrounds’ in London, established post WW2. These ad hoc spaces were once important community centres, and were perpetually in a state of renewal as they were in constant use. Now, with decreasing relevance and almost no funding, the old adventure playgrounds of Lambeth are rapidly closing down and being repossessed by the council, converting them from spaces of recreation to money-making projects.

Using Slade Adventure Playground in Stockwell as a context for the project, we incorporated the site’s characteristics and ethos into our notion of building hope, with particular focus on the benefit of play. Through active play, the project generated interim uses for the space to prevent it from falling into disuse and disrepair while a long-term solution is set up. This entailed reactivating the site for use throughout the day for all demographics of the community.

Project team:
Yin Ying Kong, Adam Huang, Oliwia Getner, Kevin Takagi Sanchez, Ananya Patel  

Photos from the idea generation workshops held at Slade Adventure Playground, where participants reimagined the space and infrastructure as sites for various community events and initiatives. Separate workshops were designed for children and adults. The adults were asked to build models of their visions, while children were asked to act out scenes and create tableaus. Manager of SAP, Cadella Patterson, and Graham Fawcett, community leader and local bicycle shop owner, have imagined the Octopus Jungle Gym to be a summer barbeque venue, and have made a model of the design.

This project has been documented as a film, available here.

Photography and videography by Adam Huang and Kevin Takagi Sanchez