... a multi-disciplinary designer, researcher and illustrator, who enjoys finding dynamic ways to activate and disseminate research. These projects often fall in the intersections between various subject areas and disciplines, including gender, cultural identity, and ecology.

She has been working on independent projects since graduating from Goldsmiths College in 2018, and has presented work at the Victoria & Albert Museum, South London Gallery, Lakshmi Vilas Palace Vadodara, Dutch Design Week, and the first Trans-South East Asia Triennial in Guangzhou.

She co-founded Vadaavaran Collective, a climate justice group in Vadodara born out of Complexity University’s Gigatonne Challenge, a decentralised global strategy to fight the climate crisis through local action. The group is run by a team of young professionals and students, and a diverse network of collaborators, who have begun a city-wide composting initiative to foster a long-term, waste-to-wealth movement in the community. Through creating positive local impact, the collective aims to contribute to a larger global vision of building resilient, sustainable communities in every part of the world.

︎  ananyapatelis@gmail.com

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